Puppet Design Services | Boston to Toronto

I love designing!

I love working with others to figure out how puppetry can best serve a project – from function, to form, to story.  There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a fully realized puppet, that started out as an idea on paper, breath to life and become more transporting than anyone could have imagined.

What do I design?

I’ve built a gamut of puppets, from 3” miniature rod puppets, to experimental shadow puppets, to 16’ tall pageant puppets.  Each project has it’s own set of exciting challenges and gifts.  I especially love taking on projects that feed my soul, my creative curiosity, or my community. Whether you are looking for a designer, builder, or someone to problem solve a challenging design you are executing please  reach out to me.

If I can’t help you, let me find you someone who can.

If I’m not the right fit for your project chances are I know someone who is. I am more than happy to play matchmaker with one of the fabulous puppet artists featured throughout my site.


“Wait, what?!…Aren’t puppets supposed to be for kids?” Here at F.L.P. we believe that puppets are for everyone.

Click on one of the images below to learn more about our family puppet shows and workshops for children.