By The Willow

Recommended Ages: Adult | Family Audiences
Length: 60 minutes
Touring Status: Available for national or international touring
Extras: Post-show Talk Back | Artist Residencies

Based on a Romanian folktale, By the Willow is an international collaboration between Faye Dupras, acclaimed jazz musician Yann-Gael Poncet (France) and storyteller/puppeteer Andi Rubinstein (Brazil) It was created under the direction of Julie Goell.

Madam Dorka and her apprentice Gobo unload the motley contents of their wondrous gypsy wagon under the shade of a willow tree. Using found objects, shadow and rod puppets they tell the story of Felicia, a girl whose unusual relationship to a tree proves fatal.

“As a small child Felicia grew attached to the Willow that was planted on the same day as her birth, and her father’s death. When she could not sleep her mother would hang her cradle in the tree and the sound of the wind blowing through its branches would put her to sleep. It was as if they shared the same breath. Many moons past and then one night…” – By the Willow

UNIMA – USA (2005)

Ottawa Fringe Festival (2004)

What are people saying about By The Willow?

“Faye Dupras and Andi Rubinstein do some beautiful work with puppets in their show By the Willow. There are moments in this show from the company Foreign Landscapes that are spellbinding. The sets and costumes are among the most beautiful at this year’s Fringe Festival.”

– Steven Mazey, The Ottawa Citizen, June 2004

“Simply stunning use of props and set and absolutely magical performances by actors, musician and puppets alike. A truly fantastic experience I shall cherish. No doubt the best visuals of the festival.”

– Aaron Harpel, Ottawa Fringe, Off the Record, June 2004

“…one of the most engaging and creative pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen! While situable for children, it is also serious theatre for adults. It certainly broadened my notion of what a ‘puppet show’ can be!”

– Arthur Fink, Peaks Island, Maine, April 2004

“A lyrical and beautiful production.”

– UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence Review panelist, July 2005