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The purpose of your about page is to introduce yourself and your services/products and to explain why you’re great to work with.

Identifying your audience will help you to target your content.  Answer these questions before you write:

Who would want to learn about word press?

What do you want them to know (or what do they want to know)?

Something to remember:

Your about page is about you. But you need to make it relevant to your customer/reader. Copyblogger co-founder, Brian Clark, says:

It’s [your about page] a spot for you to talk about yourself — but only in the context of how you serve your readers.

Okay, now you’re ready to write

Imagine that you are in a meeting with one person in that audience. Write as if you’re talking to him/her.

Section 1: Create a one-two paragraph overview that answers

  1. Who are you?
  2. What you do?
  3. When did you start doing what you do?
  4. Where are you or where do you work? Globally, locally?
  5. How do you do what you do and who you’ve done it with?

Section 2: What problems do you solve for people?

Open with “I help people” or have a sub-title “How I can help you”

Section 3: Why should people work with you?

Explain why working with you will help people solve their problems or explain what makes you different or create a paragraph about what added value people will receive when working with you

Other Important Page Elements

  • Image: A professional head shot or a short video introduction
  • Call to action: Think about what you want people to do once they’ve read this. Do you want them to contact you? View your portfolio? View your services? Call?
  • Internal links: Link to the page you want them to go to next (your services page or contact page, for example).
  • External Links: LearnWP WordPress Workshops

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