Faye Dupras | 20 Years of Excellence in The Art of Puppetry

Faye Dupras is an award winning master puppeteer.

Trained as both a theater artist and visual artist, puppetry is the medium that allows her to scratch at her creative curiosity, stretch her artistic wings, and explore questions about our collective humanity.

In her role as artistic director of Foreign Landscapes Productions, Faye produces original touring puppet shows for adult and family audiences. She also collaborates as a puppet designer / director with theater companies in both Canada and the US. Critics have described her work as “spellbinding,” “imaginative,” and “powerful.”

Faye has been a teaching artist for over twenty years with diverse populations in traditional and non-traditional educational settings. She specializes in arts based curriculum development. In this capacity she has designed and facilitated puppetry programs for numerous institutions from preschools to universities and community centers as far off as Brazil. Faye loves working with people and has a deep commitment to making the art of puppetry accessible to all.

So where did it all begin….

In the fall of 1996, while cycling through rural Ontario, Faye happened upon a heritage home featuring a small puppet exhibition. She stopped to take a look. Standing alone in the cramped stuffy room full of puppets from across the country she had an epiphany, “I want to be a puppeteer!” Luck was on her side, within the month she was apprenticing under the exhibit’s curator, Canada’s acclaimed puppeteer Noreen Young.

To further her training Faye moved to Montreal to study “Theatre and Development” at Concordia. While living in Quebec she was inspired by the vibrant cross-disciplinary theatre work that she was seeing. She co-founded Chaos Productions and worked with contemporary dancers, instillation artists and electro acoustic sound engineers to create multidisciplinary theater, most notably “Etching” which toured cross Canada.

Later Faye pursued an MFA in Puppetry Arts at the University of Connecticut. During this period her interest in experimental work was tempered by a desire to craft engaging stories. She started working with Brazilian storyteller/puppeteer, Andi Rubinstein. Under the newly formed company, Foreign Landscapes Productions, she co-created “Arboreal Existence” followed by the internationally touring, award-winning, show “By the Willow.”

Faye then returned to Canada to work as the assistant artistic director to Toronto’s community-engaged theater artist, Ruth Howard. A position that was made possible through a Metcalf Foundation grant. During this period she helped spearhead several large-scale community project, the biggest of which span over three years and involved over 30 artists and 200 community participants. While working for Ruth she continued to produce her own work, including “Bird’s Eye View,” a play for adult audiences inspired by the life and work of Oscar Wilde.

Faye continues to work  in both the US and Canada as a producer, director, designer, and teacher.

“Wait, what?!…Aren’t puppets supposed to be for kids?” Here at F.L.P. we believe that puppets are for everyone.

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